Modern Turkish alphabet


Modern Turkish alphabet, and, therefore, writing towhether established only in 1928. After the revolution and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire came to power, spiritual leader and inspirer reformer Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. In addition to creating the Turkish Republic, Kemal Pasha remember the cardinal reforms of the Turkish society, which related to the military, legal and secular spheres, including the ACTUALcally create a new Turkish language. As a result of language reform, the language was gradually cleared from the various Arab-Persian borrowings and is based on the Latin alphabet. Prior to that, as you know, for almost 11-12 centuries the basis of the Turkish language was Arabic alphabet. Modern Turkish alphabet has 29 letters borrowed andadapted from various European Latin (German, Albanian, Swedish, etc.). Writing Turkey meticulously designed with the assistance of the most prominent linguists of the state, in order to maximally reflect the specific sound style language. Modern is based on the so-called principle of phonetics. This means that each departmentnomu speech sounds must comply strictly one letter writing. Most letters borrowed from other languages ??(eg English, German), are similar to the original rules of pronunciation, transcription and use. Feature writing and creating words in Turkish, is its agglutinative form (create words by UseAnia suffixes prefixes that are "glued" to the main word in the correct order).

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