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Almost all nare suggested by the translation services. In these offices you can order a translation of documents, text, articles, website, manuals, books, brochures, labels, newspaper, magazine, and more. Translation is performed exclusively certified translator in writing on a computer or by hand in your presence when neededto fill out a form or write a statement, complaint, request, etc. Contacting such an office you can get a qualified translation of fiction, non-fiction texts, socio - political publications, technical literature, medical texts, officially - business documents, personal papers and other.


The second service of translation Translation is interpretation. Any translation agency offers several consecutive interpretation: translation of speeches, lectures, conferences, talks, discussions, interviews, etc. Oral settlementbeen consistent translation is a complex type of interpretation. Professionalism interpreter depends primarily on the practice. Translators often received their experience consecutive translation where it is commonly used, namely, during negotiations, meetings of public figures at a press -Meeting, in the various commissionsminutes and so on. It is also worth noting the importance of ethics and translators. Our translators are always responsible for the information they provide. Translators also realize that their work to a certain degree of privacy. Personally, it concerns criminal - judicial sphere, when the interpreter was present at the court proceedings.Contact one of the offices perevoodov You can get professional consecutive interpretation during speeches, conferences, lectures, meetings, talks, negotiations and other things.

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