What are the radiators


Since the beginning of the heatertion season urgent than ever for most people is the question of which is better to choose for your home: cast iron, aluminum, bi-metal or steel? If they are of the highest quality, problems with heating in a residential area will not be observed even in the most severe frosts.

Cast radiators

So far, among the majority of the population demand for reliable and practical iron radiators heating . They are valued primarily for the fact that they can stubyl operate exclusively for a long time – 40-50 years! If the pressure of the coolant does not exceed the standard level of – 7-8 atm., The data types of radiators, entirely melted, cast iron, able to serve much longer … The only disadvantage of this choice – rather slow heating irontions sections. In particular, if the coolant temperature will be low enough.

Aluminum radiators

If the buyer requires a radiator having a minimum acceptable level of thermal Yingertsii, you should pay attention to the aluminum radiators . Due to its construction which is assembled from two separate pieces melted in advance, these types of heaters have a high ability to withstand significant pressures (up to 10 atm.), The coolant, which makes them popular notonly in rural areas but also in urban environments.

Bimetallic radiators

The modern high-rise buildings are popular latest bimetallic radiators , which are assembled from two completely different materials – stainless steel that goes into the pipe itself, and aluminum fins. This approach is versatile – steel pipe is capable of withstanding extremely high pressure coolant (up to 40 atm.), while the beautifultrimmed fins (often it has a solid construction with front side) securely in a heated room gives heat by radiation.

Steel radiators

But all of the above radiators have a high price. If as a result of urgent repair or leakage need to install the new radiators , can last for 8-10 years, it is possible to pay attention to steel radiators heating , in which the internal channels are produced by cold forming steel. The output is a reliable and durable steel radiators < span class = "key_hl" title = "Keyword"> heating , initially with extremely low thermal inertia. Unitgovernmental lack of choice – Steel radiators do not cope well with pressurized fluid. But if the heating system is supported by a standard pressure level – 7-8 atmospheres, installation of steel radiators in both rural and urban constructionMay be the most proven solution. Buy aluminum and bimetal radiators heating You can wholesale for many sites, the price of radiators heating forhanging from the manufacturer, the heat and the weight of the section.

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