The main stages of development of fashion + film "History of Fashion"


Fashion feudal eraPCA

Fashion era of feudalism was not a proper fashion by the strict regulation of social class relations and human behavior. The hierarchical relationship of downstream from the grandparent, the younger from the older children from their fathers, extended to civil rights and responsibilities of people, but also to external forms of expression. Its termsdominance was extremely narrow, it was only the highest level of society – aristocracy.

Fashion Renaissance

The Renaissance, characterized by the development of spirituality and awareness of the human personality, turned their eyes to antiquity. Humanism revivedcreated the ideal of spiritually rich, harmonious personality. In his human canons of beauty were tall, broad shoulders, narrow waist, beautiful with red lips and white teeth, mouth, fine movement and statuesque figure. Fashion Renaissance rejected the unnaturalness of the previous Gothic fashion . And itDuring this period there were a large number of instructions and guidance on the rules of decent behavior in a decent society. At the same time began to develop literature about the ability to dress up and make up to best follow the requirements of fashion . In society a greater role and begangrata scientists, poets, artists, philosophers.

Fashion era of the French Revolution

From the Renaissance to the French Revolution more than two centuries, during which fashion has made her a regular cyclical process. Horsen the eighteenth century in France Ozna menovalsya desire for objection ancient traditions, elevated prostate, expressed in a large naked human body, of course, in relative prostate clothing without hindrance.

The French Revolution abolished the old guild rules on clothing according to which the guildbelonging to the fixed and expressed in certain types of fabrics, colors, some details of the costume. This has contributed to the development of mass tailoring, which in turn led to the mass production of fabrics, clothes cut simplification, reduction of prices for garments, availability of the middle classes. There were various fashion magazines. Recog-ACOM social status served hats.

Fashion second half of the 19th century

The change in social function fashion and the nature of fashion products throughout the second half of the XIX century Normal displayalo enormous impact the invention of the sewing machine engineer Timon (1829). Its spread, she received in the 60s. At the same time in Europe to develop new weaving technology new fabrics.

A special glory acquires Lyons silk. In Europe, the company's claim yourself sewing fashion, concerns people's Squareatev and shawls. Thanks wholesale fashion products occurs « revolution » in the clothing trade.

Guess the spirit of the times and offer your fashion image of beauty – a very important condition of its transformation, but still need to know the psychology of those to whom it is addressed, and the so-called mechanisms of its distribution.

As youlko fashion becomes a mass phenomenon, especially in combination with individual bad taste, which always had in abundance, it ceases to be a proper fashion, devouring itself expanded reproduction.

Fashion and urbanization and the emancipation of women

In the 70 — 80the nineteenth century fashion falls under the influence of two major processes: urbanization and women's emancipation. First expressed in a variety of forms of street clothes, second — approximation of women's clothing for men. The formation of the fashion , as always, have a direct impactpainters, artists, poets. Impressionism makes its motto everyday festive street clothes due to a variety of colors.

One of the laws of functioning of fashion has always been ignoring its creators andozdatelyami opinion layman. Contrary to traditional notions of what is good and what is bad, fashion asserted itself efforts of people who have managed to rise above the everyday, commonplace and « CONVENTIONAL ».

This is possible either because of social superiority, prestige personOr as a result of the desire to stand out from the crowd, or the strength of spirit and originality of thought. If we remember how difficult in our country asserts itself in the 60 years of this century fashion for women's pants, we can agree that it has on it own means of self-affirmation.

Fashion can not be taken, it is possible and withporit, but above still need to try to understand. And only after that support or reject.

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