Laying laminate with their hands (recommendation + video)

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Congratulations, you have a hundredDoes the owner of a wonderful floor covering called laminate! Here he is in the middle of the room and just did want to start to lay himself. If you are an experienced man, the case will not be difficult, and for the first close contact with the laminate good idea to read some of the recommendations.

Adaptation laminate

To begin with let laminate ripen at room temperature on a flat surface for 48 hours. It is necessary to adapt it to new conditions. The packs until printed. Prepare all the necessary tools, and do not forget to agree in advance with the assistant, for the first experience to cope with this process will be difficult.Tools will need some simple: hammer, mallet to fit, roulette, pencil, jigsaw (for lack of come down and hand saw with fine teeth). &Nbsp;

Preparing the floor

The first thing to do is carefully prepare the surface of the floor to work. Ideally, it would be good sdelabe screed, but you can do without this complex operation, if there is no any significant defects floor. If the substrate is concrete, it must be leveled and be sure to prepare a substrate made of polyethylene foam for a vapor barrier. Wood floor should be treated with the help of sander. You can lay laminate and linoleum, if the surface is goingealno smooth, otherwise be tedious procedure of removing linoleum and concrete screed surface.

Laying laminate

To start with, you can either end of the room. To the joints between the boards are not evident, this should be done parallel to the incident from aboutcon light. However, you can try another option, lay laminate and think for a successful arrangement specifically for this space.

Methods connections of the laminate and the substrate

The laminate can be connected adhesive method and using locks. Better with interlocks, theGDS you will have the option to either disconnect and change the damaged board or, if necessary, disassemble and transport flooring elsewhere. Do not skimp on the purchase of a pair of extra panels, laminate prices are not so high, it is desirable to have a small stock of material in case you mess up. You should not skimp on the acquiredof the substrate under the laminate if it is not provided by the manufacturer. In addition to waterproofing, the substrate has excellent cushioning and soundproofing qualities.

The first row

Go directly to the installation. Form the first row, joining two boards. Be sure to do a gapbetween the panels and the wall using spacer wedges. This is to ensure that the wall does not interfere with the natural contraction and expansion of the laminate at temperature drops. Laid laminate lock « over » to facilitate follow-up.

The second row

The second row start in half board (sectionAEM first board of the second row into two parts), tray panel at an angle, insert into the lock and latches. Continue laying gently urging the panel wooden mallet as necessary. When installing the last panel, which is adjacent to the wall, take the clamp. It makes it easy to connect the two boards.

The end of the installation of laminate

Heating pipes and door sills help circumvent jigsaw. Upon completion of laying remove the spacers between the wall and the laminate and proceed to install the plinth. Not so hard and it was all true?

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