Mining equipment: feeder plate P-804


In the mining sector Rosthese, in particular in the extraction and processing of gravel and CBC are increasingly becoming the company imported equipment. However, there are several types of equipment developed more in the USSR 70-ies of the last century, which are in great demand. One P-plate feeder 804, is widely used in various crushing and sorting (CMD-186, DSU-30, DSU-50, and in many non-standard complexes   sorting and crushing).

The main advantages of U-804 is:

  • Lowest Price;
  • reliability;
  • maintainability.

From the sealedwaist portions often go down the chain plate and the plate for replacement is fast and they are cheap. Other nodes are long enough. Installation is fast feeder, just install it on the frame, pull the belt and chain drives.

in the complexes often buy smalle manufacturers   and start-up businesses, as the price of crushing and sorting lines calculated under performance   feeder pretty cheap and the risks of investing small,   and high returns on investment. And start a business career best with just such domestic systems.

Design piTutelo plate P-804

The design of the feeder P-804 is very simple:  

  1. bin;
  2. frame;
  3. shaft leading;
  4. the drive shaft;
  5. shaft driven;
  6. support rollers;
  7. cloth feeder;
  8. drive.

Bunkerwelded from sheet 10 mm thick, with attachments inside the steel plate lining. M16 bolts are fixed lining. The frame is a sheet thickness of 10 mm folded inside. The upper part of the hopper is removable, so as to fit on the transport dimensions. On the frame has holes for lubricating support rollers, which move dvie leaf chains mounted with plates from a sheet of 10mm (steel 40 X). A drive shaft driven by the chain drive gear, transmitting the torque through a gear transmission drive shaft. Mounted on a drive shaft sprocket which impart motion plate chain. Adjust the blade tension feeder carriesed driven shaft on which is also mounted sprockets.

In our time, the feeder P-804 manufacturers upgrade removing the old drive (asynchronous motor + gearbox + two-stage transfer belt transmission + chain + pinion gear), instead he put geared motor with a small speedand high torque on the output shaft. The design is remarkably improved due to smaller units that are subject to frequent replacement.

Specifications feeder P-804

  • Web width - 600 mm;
  • The length of transportation - 3000 mm;
  • Hopper capacity - 7 m 3 ;
  • The largest chunk size - 340 mm;
  • Performance - from 25 to 50 m 3 / h;
  • Weight - 6000 kg.

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