Why the need for a turbocharger

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In the vast majority of modern cars the main power plant yavlis Busy internal combustion engine (ICE). In this type of engine, the thermal energy released during the combustion process, the so-called gas mixture (air-fuel mixture in sufficient proportions) is converted into mechanical work, ie the movement of the car. From the organization create a combustible mixture (ie, pre-cmeshivaniya air and fuel), and its combustion depends vehicle power and fuel consumption. In general, mechanical engineering, there are certain rules engine power ratio relative to the weight of the car, beyond which directly leads to lower efficiency of the power unit and the vehicle. To get around this convOvie, that is, to increase the power of the car without the necessary in this case, weight gain is used turbocharging. The process is a boost increase for the combustible mixture is injected into the cylinders of the engine by increasing the pressure at the time of injection. In modern vehicles commonly used turbocharger (especially dieselthrusters), which is made possible by the use of a turbocharger. By the way, buy turbochargers for foreign and domestic appliances you can here:. Also "Turbokom-Invest" will help you to repair turbochargers. Unlike the rest of the charging process, here to increase pressure of the mixture used otrabotnnye exhaust gases, which increases the efficiency and profitability of the engine (the mechanism of recycling). Furthermore, the need for a separate drive mechanism. turbocharger consists of two main parts - a gas turbine and a centrifugal compressor. Part of the exhaust gas entering the turbine blades on the action under pressureexists as a drive.

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