Features installation of suspended ceilings


The level of development of modern technologies, including in the field of Strawstruction and interior design, has become so great that now anyone can choose to his liking any decision. If we talk, for example, the design of the ceiling area of ??the room, one of the fastest growing methods of design is. This is one of the best ways to hide the defects of the main floors, eliminating the need forst-treatment and leveling the surface, to create a truly unique color range and diversity of the ceiling. Before embarking on the installation of such ceiling structures, it is necessary to clearly understand what it is and what it eats. Structurally, the suspended ceiling itself is a flexible polyvinyl chloride sheet,film. It can be absolutely diverse color scheme, and, in fact, the structure of the film (matte, glossy, satin). The combination of films of different structure or color between them can be carried out on the seam or seamless technology. The main feature of the film assembly is the need to heat (typically 70 degrees) with atmeans of hot air from a heat gun. This is necessary in order to ensure the necessary flexibility of the film, that is to provide the possibility of its stretch. The main differences are in the process of assembly of the locking system in the selection of the film along the perimeter of the ceiling. In this regard, there are three types of suspended ceilings: with a harpoon, wedge and camm mount.

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