How to drill a well for water

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Water is one of the most important natural elements present in aCex living organisms as well as in most practical technologies.

A man in his everyday life uses water for two global objectives:

  • drink or food item (eg, soups, soup and etc.);
  • "process water" for washing or systems Heating elementstion.

Historically, the main source for water intake were and are water bodies (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.). This method is good when there is direct access to the pool, otherwise have to find other ways of production and transportation of water to the end user. The most widely-usedcular source in this case are water-bearing aquifers, water production of which is done by drilling. Today it is one of the most popular sources of water in a private household plots, both in terms of the availability of other sources, and from the point of view of the purity of the produced water. All science is known Bole20 e drilling methods, but with respect to water are most commonly used of these 6. About these methods, we will tell Semenov AR - employee of the company "Geo Master" that helps you in Dnepropetrovsk and adjacent areas.

Methods of drilling water wells:

  • Rotary . This drilling method, in which the member is a roller bit and embossed rock is removed by washing the surface. Used for drilling limestone rocks, moraines;
  • cable-. The most ancient method, assumingbreaching hole extending through the discharge breakdown of cargo (bailer or Drop-cup) with height. Used for drilling in a sandy, clayey, loamy ground rocks;
  • Cordage rotational . Used for drilling hollow rod with zaburnikom. This method, as well as rotary, Execuzuet washing to remove from the work area generated breed;
  • Hydraulic . Similar to the previous method, characterized by the absence of the tip of the bar (zaburnika), that is, offering direct leaching of rocks;
  • Worm . The workingtool used drill or chisel, attached to the end of the screw lift. It is used for drilling soft, viscous rock type clay;
  • perforated . Is carried out by plugging in a well prepared tubes with perforated filter on the end. When this filter clogging may bea rod (metal rod about 20 mm in diameter), or headstock.

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