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The term "tender" the last time as a very firmly established in everyday obiprogress of society. What is it that lies behind this term? This is one of the essential concepts and phenomena is a market economy the essence of which is reduced to the presence of competition for customers between representatives (members) of the market. In everyday life, everyday life, every day we are faced with tenders (their civil manifestation) when going to the marketor the shop: before buying your product - do you assess the market for the best price-quality ratio. This is something that concerns small retailers. Similar principles for selecting the supplier exist across the state, large wholesale orders and deliveries. This is just, and there is actually a tender or tender bids, auktsioare. Tenders called the law and regulated by regulated form of competitive selection of proposals for the large supply of goods, services, works. Each key is characterized announced tender terms, conditions, guidelines, best execution (stated in the proposal), which is the basis for the recognition of Winof Tell tender.

Tenders have different competitive form, stages, according to which are divided into the following types:

  1. International (search orders for purchases or work in the global market);
  2. regional (eg,
    , Moscow, St. Petersburg, and so on. D.), Which in turn are divided into:
  • open tenders (search for competitive solutions, which is not limited to the number and status of participants, regulated publicity);
  • closed tenders (bids, oftenall strategic, state-level, which can take part strictly limited number of participants).

As, tenders are held regularly for the convenience of participation forms, the so-called basis of tenders, which simplifies the search for potential offers and orders.

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