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? This question is given by everyone in the world, regardless of age, ethnicity, cultural, religioustions and other preferences. Remember as a child you dreamed of becoming an astronaut, fireman, doctor, soccer player and who knows what else. All this unmotivated (concrete) desire or rather dreams that occur under the influence of external factors. But towards the end of the school when the nose enter university and the transition to adulthood, thisthe question becomes how can not be relevant. The fact that this is one of several milestones in the life of a person making that affects his fate, and the fate of his entourage. In this regard, there are many wrong decisions, both on the part of the future of the student, and from his parents, who are obliged to follow and encourage the child toThe most optimal solution, rather than imposing his own conviction. Wrong choice of profession faces indifference to the educational process (hence the decrease in the quality of education received) and the actual isolation and neglect in the labor market. The correct choice of profession (or rather its search) should begin in early childhood, with abouttsenki existing capacity of the organism and interests. It is an underestimation or overestimation of their capabilities can further affect the quality of work, the level of improvement as a specialist.

The choice of profession - a complex process and is responsible, involving a combination of different approaches:

    assessment of personal goals, desires, preferences;
  • personal capability assessment (mental, physiological, financial);
  • analysis of areas of employment, in which it is possible to realize your potential, taking into account not only the moment of self-realization, but also financial blagopoluences;
  • choosing the right educational institution to fulfill your requests and market level of training.

Remember that choosing the right will allow you not only to obtain financial stability, the ability to do what he likes, but also to improve, increasing its quasilifikatsiyu.

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