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The achievements of modern science and technology in the field of electronicsand digital gadgets have touched, it seems every sphere of society. Do not stay aside and automotive industry, which today is replete with the presence of all sorts of electronic audio and videogadzhetov, including particularly popular with motorists have DVRs. In technical terms, this device commits audio and video ObstNovki around your car. Due to the greatly increased number of vehicles on the road (but not driving skills) and, as a consequence, traffic accidents, so the demand for this device is quite understandable. The fact that The video - this is one of the sources of evidence in case of controversial opinions on the situation.Especially when the DVR has sufficient technical characteristics. Select the appropriate device for your needs, you can in one of the largest specialized. Here you can buy DVRs Intego various modifications and price range. Legaton Specialists will help you make the right choice, given theI'm your financial capabilities and features of the DVR, among which the most important are:

  • resolution (sharpness determining factor). The store device with a resolution of HD, Super HD and FullHD;
  • viewing angle (determines the type of zoneimosti). There are devices   with a viewing angle of 90 to 160 degrees;
  • Video recording format (AVI, MOV, MPEG4);
  • additional functionality (motion sensor, image stabilizer, auto start, fasteners, etc.).

In addition, before Legatonconstitutes a convenient system of order, delivery and payment, to create maximum comfort for the customers.

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