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Everything in this world is subject to, and there according FundamPioneering the laws of nature. As with any activity, all global processes, subject to strictly defined for them actions and rules. All these rules are formulated in a basic science and that which is the basis of all other trades and professions. Every day, we use mathematical methods in the home, going nof cases at work. Globally, mathematics is divided into the following basic groups:

  • research . Used to formulate theories and their analytical description, in fact, mathematical structures;
  • application . Used forestablishing certain mathematical models that are used in other sciences and fields of knowledge (philosophy, physics, computer science, engineering, construction etc.).

In view of the widespread use of such science as its theoretical and practical part, mathematics has quite a broad spectrum within the scientific disciplinesand according to this, and rather complicated classification. The most common is the classification, according to which mathematics can act as:

  • an academic discipline, is a comprehensive section of knowledge studied in the program and the overall average of high school (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, elementsanalysis, the discipline of Mathematics);
  • scientific specialty, that is the main type of training researchers and research institutes MES mathematical structure (mathematical physics, differential equations, discrete mathematics, probability theory, etc.).

According to the materials: http://simple-math.ru/.

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