Why is it necessary to carry out cargo insurance before sending


In today's world, the level of cooperation under the scheme in importst-exports reached such large amounts that a few decades ago it myself it would be unrealistic to imagine. Freight carried by various modes of transport, depending on the size, characteristics and volume of cargo deliveries. The most commonly used are road, rail, sea (river) and air transport. Estestvenno that the carriage of any cargo, including oversized, fragile or multidisciplinary (different loads in large quantities), especially over long distances in contact with the risk of damage or loss. There may be involved, either deliberate or subjective factors (eg, theft), and not dependent on the will of the carrier force mamillstone circumstances (bad roads, weather conditions, disasters, etc.). In order to somehow compensate for these risks, that is, to be able to, in which case, indemnify, should be carried out before shipment. As the object of insurance may be either the cargo itself, any additional costs associated with its mTransporting, or both. The volume of insurance is determined by the owner of the cargo - the insurer (not to be confused with the insurer, a person who represents the interests of the insurance company), - on the basis of supporting documentation that is, in fact, the price of cargo. In turn, the insurance premium depends on the insured amount and rate, which is determinedconditions in which the shipment of goods.

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