What happens in electric cars


The modern man is exclusively dependent on such concepts as KomfoHg. With that, a rather broad sense, the availability of comfortable clothes to broadly, the presence of hot water at the tap, etc. Quite a number of so-called comfort, are directly dependent on electricity. If you analyze your home or workplace, you always have power consumption (household kitchen tech., TV, personto Local computer, lighting, etc.) and therefore, the power sources (sockets and switches). Is not in the list and the exception is a special means of comfort, like a car. Although at first glance it does not have any outlets or switches in the car design capacity for the power supply - the battery,devices that generate electricity for the needs of the board - the generator. These needs, in terms of energy-using appliances and equipment, quite a lot, but they are complex interconnected complex, whose work is aimed at:

  • consistent, and correct operation of the power plant- Engine;
  • correct and reliable operation of the vehicle chassis and powertrain;
  • automated management of all workers (ignition systems, fuel injection, venting, etc.) and applications (air conditioning, power windows, radio, etc.) processes.

In this regard, all the electrical system can be divided into three categories:

  • power sources (battery, generator);
  • auxiliary elements (relay elements, fuses, power elements, etc.);
  • consumers (lights, starter, onboard computer, DAE, lighter, alarm, ABS, SRS and many others).

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