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Car tire - it is one of the most important elements of any vehicle,its wheels. Due to automobile tires creates friction force and a secure grip of the car with the road. To date, there are many types, types of tires, which are distinguished by their characteristics and by the manufacturer. A major role in the design of any car tire tread height plays, his adaptation to the or andnym weather or season of the year, as well as the type of vehicle for which it is intended. The greatest interest on the part of motorists is, of course, setting season, as one and the same tire will feel themselves differently in summer and winter, in the snow, ice or clean pavement. Each driver periodically meI tire, and also draws attention to the quality of performance and price, which ultimately depends on the manufacturer, the quality of its production and brand. Naturally the tires better known brands, but the price they have respectively. The truth is such a thing as a car owner will allow purchase quality tires for an affordable price. From the pointof view of the relation "price-quality" all the market summer tires are generally divided into three classes of rubber:

  • budget class, that contains the most of moves by virtue of its low price models. Typically, this model domestic (tires, Belshina) and Chinese producIslands (Durun, Zeetex). They are relatively low quality, vitality and stability of the tread;
  • middle class , which unites producers of tires, which combine ride quality, ergonomics, reliability and price. This group includes summer tires manufacturers suchas Nexen, Dunlop, Toyo, Kumho;
  • elite class , which has a fairly high price, but at the same time focusing on a narrow segment of the market, drivers who pay more attention to the characteristics of the tire than price. It is the world's leading tire industry - Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli.

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