Vacuum brake booster

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The vacuum brake booster (WCF) is used to increase the force transmitted to the brake pads, and createdirect brake pedal. Additional force due to the vacuum created in the drum VUT and hence reduces the necessary force transmitted by the brake pedal by the driver. This significantly simplifies the process control, reduces driver fatigue and prolongs brake system. Structurally VUT is a two-chamber (vacuum-ATMOSFern) drum. Chambers are separated by using a sensitive membrane - the diaphragm, and she, in turn, through the rod to the brake master cylinder. The principle of operation is based on the difference of the diaphragm in the pressure chamber and the diaphragm is moved under the influence of rod pumps the brake fluid to the brake cylinders. It is madeed from tough but flexible material (rubber). Aperture is the main working body of the VUT and most prone to malfunctions or faults more accurately, since it is one - the gap. Since the diaphragm is the part of the body VUT, the repair of the latter in this case can be reduced to two paths: the replacement of a new HLA or its removal, dismantlingand a replacement of the diaphragm. In the case of a sequence of actions should be as follows:

  • disconnect the brake master cylinder (GTZ) from VUT, unscrewing the nut and took it;
  • to remove and disassemble the VUT after disconnecting it from the brake pedal (or removing with it). To accessdiaphragm, you must overcome and carefully remove the body of the vacuum chamber (fixed curly notches);
  • remove the piston housing together with the diaphragm and disassemble it by removing all locking elements.

When reassembling all the moving elements must be lubricated, and the diaphragm itself nokryt layer of talcum powder.

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