Restoration of monuments

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Restoration is a range of activities aimed totorogo is to restore, prevent possible damage, creating conditions for long-term maintenance and preservation for future generations. In the case of architecture, with the status of the monument, the work reduced to restore or update parts of the building, given their historical authenticity. By carrying out this kind of work is notnecessary to attract specialized architectural firms with experience in, tolerance and personnel. Historically, two main types of restoration work: art (restoring the original appearance of historical monument, the lost fragments) and technical (measures to preserve and care for the monument). On Owlsbelt-stage nature of the restoration has elements of both species, but includes at its core the principle of minimum intervention. The cornerstone is to preserve the authenticity of the building, maintaining its status with minimal losses for the initial appearance. Today's restorers are severely limited in the actions of a set of rules and laws.For example, to start the restoration work must be a lot of engineering and cultural studies, to coordinate all work with the provisions of the Venice Charter and the regulatory authorities. Particularly severe Restoration movement reached in the second half of the last century: bloodless war-torn Europe and sometimes even require the full detuningdestroyed neighborhoods. In addition, after the war, and especially since the 80-90-ies restoration pays great attention also from the point of view of preserving cultural heritage for future generations and contemporary tourists.

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