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Armature called metal frame of any concrete structure. Execuzuetsya, in technical terms, to bind together and strengthen the concrete mass. From the viewpoint of strength of materials, the system perceives different voltages: stretching (in the case of viewing the structural element as the beam) or compression (in case of the column). In a narrow sense valves as generally understood profiled or roundrods of different diameters, although this concept is much broader. In form fitting is flexible (actually, rods) and hard (in the form of a varied rental I-beams, channels, angles). As the material for reinforcement of various cross-sectional profile is used steel reinforcement composites, bamboo, plastics and the like. Incidentally, inFirst of all, the material depends.

Classify fittings taken on a number of parameters:

  • Purpose . According to this criterion allocate working (perceive various computational effort), distribution (perceived linear and temperature effects), and the mounting anchor;
  • orientation . In this case, the armature is the longitudinal and transverse;
  • Application . On this parameter fitting is divided into strain and Free of tension.

Teamwork reinforcement cage and concrete weight ofespechivaetsya resulting adhesion that occurs on the contact surface (reinforcement profile). The quality and strength of coupling depends on the cross section of reinforcement and concrete properties. The reinforcement skeleton can be flat (a mesh) or spatial. Linking the individual elements of reinforcement produced by electric welding or bonding wireOloka.

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