What is a waterproof laminate

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moisture resistance is a property of the material, letpresent it to transfer contact with liquids without any consequences in the form of deformation or destruction. It is believed that the laminate can not be moisture-resistant coating. This is not entirely true, any laminate floor has a relative moisture resistance. This allows the plates do not swell, absorbing excess moisture from the air, easy to carry on cleaningruffled with a damp cloth, do not warp with little contact with the liquid to cover. But more serious contacts   water will cause irreparable harm to the laminate.

The structure of the laminate and moisture absorption

If you recall the structure of laminate flooring, the fiberboard, which is surrounded byand stabilizing and decorative layer consists of real wood. Whatever was not strong spike this structure at high temperature and pressure, and the like slab firmly bonded melamine resin timber still has the property of absorbing moisture. Before you get to the store shelves, laminate passes the testing seriousAnia for compliance with European standards of production. Such tests 18 and one just checks the reliability of the coating relative to water contact.

What do I need to give a laminated cover water resistance

To make the laminated cover more vodoustoychivosti, an additional treatment of the plate during manufacture. Specialists companies producing laminated cover, working to remedy this problem. The result is a waterproof laminate, though not possessing absolute protection from moisture, but quite stubbornly resisted contact with water. The price of a laminate whichcan be placed safely in areas with excessive humidity, certainly higher than normal.
Stove, which is the basis of such coverage has a much higher density of 900 kg per cubic meter and above, and its production is very high quality raw materials. Special impregnation technology helps protect the board more fully from the negative inzdeystviya water. In the production of water-resistant laminate comes complete blocking of the ends of boards with special mixtures based on wax. The smallest micropores are clogged and prevent the penetration of liquid. Additional antibiotic impregnation of boards used to prevent mold and mildew. Good waterproof Lamynat necessarily equipped with a special bottom layer that complements the safety board from moisture.

The weak point laminachto that adversely affected by moisture

The most adversely affected by moisture locking system on the ends of the end laminate boards. This place etc.ohodit additional processing mixture comprising of the wax and paraffin. Some companies producing laminate, pay special attention to the design of the locking system. For example, all products of this company are equipped with a reinforced lock, with the additional processing water-repellent composition.


It should be borne in mind that all measures taken by the manufacturers to increase the water-resistant laminated coatings, make it impossible to provide absolute resistance to the influence of water. Even the most high-tech laminate processing will enable withstand contact with the liquid is not more than 6 hours. In the case of an unexpected emergencyFirst situation with running water or flooding the apartment neighbors should quickly remove water, immediately arrange for drying by opening the windows or turning on the heater. If water has leaked into the middle of the floor, to better understand a bit wet and dry place boards in a horizontal position.

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