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Throughout the history of artroitelstva constantly dispute arises, what kind of house is better - a stone or wood. This is not surprising. For each of these materials - its good and has both advantages and disadvantages. For Russia, these two are the traditional building material. In general, the houses are built of brick. Perhaps this is a purely psychological prichins. It's so Historically, very long time stone houses were the prerogative of the rich. In wooden structures lived either peasants or the urban poor.
However, over time there have been major changes in the psychology of the people and traditions of wooden architecture is gradually beginning to recover. Today, unfortunately, borrowingVat technology built wooden houses falls mainly from abroad. Particularly successful in them Finns and Germans. However, do not fall behind and Russian builders trying to develop new solutions use the latest and traditions of the old masters.
Of course, today no one builds houses made of stone. To do this, use substitutes – brick, or foamed concrete.

Comparison of brick and wooden houses at the design stage

The most important in the design of the house is made of brick foundation settlement. It is inseparable from the other tasks – &Laquo; proper landing » houses on the site. These two problems are so interrelated, hit can only be solved at the same time. At the beginning of the design explores the types of soils on the land, as well as shallow water table. In accordance with the selected base, and dimensions are given home. The presence of problematic soils and closely located to the shallow aquifers can lead to the fact that designers will have todraft change and are accordingly placed elsewhere in the house.
During the construction of houses made of wood, the above problems are not determining factors. Wood has a lower specific gravity and therefore, minimal ground pressure, which leads to the use of less powerful base. Earlier, in the olden days, the builders used a hundredlbchatye foundations of wood. And sometimes just to build houses on the land, sub-genres bark.
The high groundwater unfavorable to the tree. However, this issue is easily solved quality waterproofing or laying of the same bark.
For the brick house are essential two systems - a ventilation and otoplens. This is due to the characteristics of the brick. It has a high thermal conductivity and hygroscopic. In the absence of heating the house quickly cooled. It also increases the moisture that eventually will accumulate on the wall surfaces. Due to these features, the house made of bricks can not be a long time to heat. Eventhe absence of tenants, it is necessary to maintain zero temperature.

Construction of houses of foam blocks: the characteristic features

House of foam blocks have a number of features. This building material must be protected from the weather and hostile environment. With their negative impact, neKnoblock prone to rapid degradation. Failing to ensure the protection of the walls, you can expect the appearance of cracks through which in winter is cold air to penetrate. Calculate bearing structures when using this material must be carefully and meticulously. Because otherwise, the wall height greater than two meters, begins to « float & raquo ;, overwhelm and collapse.
If the home provides the attic of the project, it is necessary to take into account the material of which it is planned to make the roof. In the case of soft roof, the best option would be wood. When using keramo- or metal, it is better to build a stone house.
After weighing all the « for » and « against & raquo ;, only the consumer to determine what material to build a house in the most rational.

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