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From year to year in stolennot there are more foreign firms, as well as marked increase in foreign tourists coming to our country, to enjoy an unforgettable flavor cuisine, traditions and local attractions. This all contributes to the demand for translation services. By this many novice businessmen are thinking of how to open.


Initially, it may seem that the translation market is very competitive and that new companies here no place. For example in Kiev already even have entire streets (most of them are located near the embassies), they are the people even called "translation streets" because of their number nSimply still dazzled. Something similar can be seen and on the Internet, simply type in the search box "interpreter" or "Translation". And all this is proof that such services have a huge demand. Also, the market has a huge number of freelance translators, who also provide translationtechnical services for various companies, and the cost of services provided they constitute a very serious competition for perevodnicheskih firms.

But not all as bad as it may seem at 1st sight. Even the largest perevodnicheskie Agency recognizes that, for the Bureau, which is focused on providing high quality penvodnicheskih services in the market is always a place, despite the large number of freelancers, companies, firms. So Sergey Zavalny - CEO of a major perevodnicheskogo agency says: "Tragically, we have very few translation agencies that provide high-quality services. In a nutshell, in Kiev have about 20 large offices etc.erevodov with offices in other cities of Ukraine that work quickly and efficiently. And it is quite small on the scale of such a large metropolis as Kiev ". Moreover, professionals in the field of services perevodnicheskih note that only some firms that are located on this market can be fixed firmly on it. So Aleksandr KharitonovPeninsula explains, "to enter the market is not a problem - but to survive, remain on the market,   to achieve prosperity and success much more difficult. Although the level of competition is very high - for new companies, there is always a place." Therefore, if you decide to create a translation agency, you will need to focus on a serious approach to this work,and in its services to focus on quality rather than on price.

set of services

Even before the registration of the company and start working, it is desirable to consider a set of services provided. Alexander Kharitonov said: "The standard set - a service of translation and interpretation, but here it is necessary to be suretranslators, so I would advise to start with translations - which is much easier to control the quality of the service provided - it will give you the opportunity to increase your customer base with fast ".

You also need to analyze what your future clients. The most popular today are the following translations: Economyof sul, technical financial, legal, advertising and marketing. But immediately, do not need to focus on clients from different spheres of activity. In this case, you certainly have a lot more opportunities to get the order, but also much less likely that customers will become your loyal customers. Universalny specializing simultaneously in all areas of business - it's just unreal. That is why, in order to guarantee its customers high-quality translation, you will need to have a staff of a number of people who specialize in different areas of business or work with freelance translators.

As for the language, then in Ukraineamymi demand is to translate to / from English, German, French. Therefore, professional translators who specialize in these 3 languages ??is necessary in the first place. In the future, will need to increase the base of interpreters who speak other languages ??that are less in demand in the market, but it will give an opportunity to significantly HCJelic range provided by your service bureau.

After 6 to 12 months of the company, when you are fully ukomplektuete base freelance translators and palpate the market, you can safely run the provision of such services, such as interpretation. These translators often need to work in international forums, business presentations, witheminarah or to accompany foreigners.

Aerobatics considered a simultaneous translation service. And now on the Ukrainian market is very small perevodnicheskih desk can provide this service. But we must note that simultaneous interpreter - especially specialty and even the best translator, dealing only written nemaps the, perform this work properly in most cases. Therefore, to provide such services, you will need quite a totally different special database of translators.

preparation for the start

Before you start your translation agency, you need to decide how serious you are ready to gowork. You can make transfers, even if you just create a virtual office and make a promotional newsletter   on the basis of companies. In this case, you can start a business with a starting capital of 1,000 USD, but in this case, you are unlikely to be able to qualify for a stable income and major customers. Option to build a business that we consider Mr.others like to be focused only on cooperation with customers on a regular basis and the long term.

Open Translation can almost kazhzhdy talented businessman, knowledge of foreign languages ??is not compulsory, there is the most important skill to manage their business. But in this case you will need to hire a directora with experience in the field of translation and specialized education which in turn will seek and control the work of your employees. Therefore, this business is best to start by having experience in the market, specialized education, and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and understand exactly what benefits you will be able to provide its futurecustomers.

Also, before you officially register a company, it is better to find the first customer in advance in order to get down to business agency immediately after registration. Find customers you can among his friends - surely someone of them will need to translate any documents. Also, you can find customers through socialnetwork. Alexander Kharitonov says: "Our very first customer we recommend to friends, and after 2-3 months earned word of mouth, because at the start of money on advertising was not, the first earned money we spent on advertising on the Internet." Now enter the market also greatly help social networks: vk, facebook, google +,as well as twitter and youtube.

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