How to choose a floorboard in the living room

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The impression of space is created not only beautifulFirst, the walls and ceiling fashionable. Gender plays an important role in creating the interior of the room. It flooring provides the basis for a complete design, defines the style and aesthetics. For a long time it was believed that there is no material for the flooring is stronger and more solid parquet. Appearance in the sale of wood flooring OVERUlo idea of ??one of the leading flooring. Parquet board is a wonderful example of their natural products. Beauty is in no way inferior to the usual parquet, moreover, decor floorboard has gone beyond the conventional ideas about the form of the wooden floor. Combining incrediblethe strength of the laminate and the natural beauty of real wood, it allows you to create an atmosphere worthy of comfort in any home.

Wooden boards in the living room

much less than the cost of parquet. Design the interior of his apartment tastefully, not spending too much, and gets as a result of an exquisite floor, resistant to various types of damage, any person. Living room - the place to repair any host which applies with special care. It was here in the evening the whole family shall be taken away. This business card at home, room, which to be proud. Creating a creative interior room muteSlim without the right design choices floorboard.

Types of wood flooring

The large number of species of wood flooring depends on the type of wood that was used in the manufacture of the upper layer and various surface treatments. Very popular board treated with methOdom brashirovaniya. She has an interesting structure resembling aged wood, due to the removal of the small fibers with a special brush. This floor looks good in the interior of the country style. Visually help to increase the room flooring light tones. This sepia tone bleached oak planks. Very refreshing space covereds light-colored birch, hornbeam and ash. Furniture bright and rich colors will perfectly contrast with the room in which the walls and floor light.

A dark floor

Classic, solid interior requires a dark floor. A clear outline of the room will create a floor covering of thetion oak, rosewood, exotic wenge wood or merbau. A dark floor and bright, cream or color of coffee with milk, the walls will make the room cozy and refined. That did not make the room dark impression, flooring dark color must necessarily be combined with light walls. Nice to add an interior with bright ornamentalivnymi accessories. Variants of dark colors can include color from cherry to black. Black floor design gives exceptional extravagance. It is made from rare woods and is a good solution for creating high-end interior.

Wooden boards in interior decoration

The right combination of color and texture of wood flooring with other elements of decoration dwelling would create an environment of beauty and tranquility, which will be the basis of daily mood all the inhabitants of the house. Additionally, you can buy decorative items for more original floor design. Using a combination of differentgeometric shapes can be incorporated into the fabric of the floorboard various patterns, which in combination with conventional boards will add originality of the general appearance of the floor covering.

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