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Bodybuilding bodybuilding or is today, perhaps one of thethe most spectacular and controversial sports. Although some sports experts do not believe bodybuilding sport. And this is understandable. He is too commercialized. Too many scandals around him and rumors. Too controversial refereeing results. But this is not all become the main « weak point » place of bodybuilding.   Mostshee number of scandals and rumors going around the back side of the show – doping.   It has even become the cause of such a thing as a « & raquo ;. When athletes emphasize that they do not train without the use of illicit drugs.

Doping in bodybuilding steroids, or what amounts to the grave

Of course, doping is present in many other sports, but there it does not cause such a stormy debate, as around bodybuilding. In doing so, the organizers of the various champions and tournament try by all means to avoid any talk of steroids, diuretics and so on doping.

Wmesto open discussion of controversial topics, they prefer to remain silent and pretend that nothing is happening, as if the silence allows to solve the problem of doping. Meanwhile, it causes backlash. Instead of objective coverage of this issue, among bodybuilding constantly erupting scandals.

Ecwhether or not any more or less well-known bodybuilder dies, the media immediately called the cause of death of illegal use of drugs. &Laquo; Suddenly » it turns out that the deceased champion took dozens if not hundreds of potent drugs, which brought him to his grave. Steroids and doping else assigned to the worst side-effekty, sometimes completely unfounded and not confirmed by any serious research. &Nbsp;

Because of this, any kind of strength training is perceived by the public, just like the show, which involves steroid mutants. It has become fashionable to believe that to achieve any significant success in weightliftinge in general and in particular in bodybuilding without steroids is impossible.

In part, it is promoted themselves champions in numerous interviews that completely refute any allegations admission of illicit drugs, almost swear that their mountains of muscle they have acquired solely through secret techniques trenirovok and techniques miracle sports supplements from another sponsor. It is understandable: for example,   Steroids in America the law equated to drugs and their trade can get a long prison term.

So eating some superchampion only mention of the fact that it takes doping, as will be the end not only his athletic career, but also, quite possibly, his freedom. Sponsors same silence Champions also profitable. It allows you to actively promote the market various sports supplements, about the miraculous properties that these same champions and says in his interview. If the champions will tell the truth, that alltheir muscles mountains – none other than as a result of the injection into the body liters of chemicals, and not receiving miraculous protein, as throughout their business come to an end.

So the head of different bodybuilding organizations pretend that they know nothing about what their champions over the years with a pumpedilnodeystvuyuschie substance, though they actually push them to do so. After all, the protein will be successfully sold only when its from the pages of the magazine will advertise athlete with a monstrously huge hands, and not some « athlete & raquo ;. Athletes have to take large doses of steroids, diuretics, « faktorof grewshe » and other « Chemistry & raquo ;. For this reason, can only expect regular scandals and deaths among bodybuilding.

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