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The tablet is a kind of intermediate between a smartphones and laptops. They are also portable and convenient as smart phones, can call, take pictures, have a touch control and, at the same time, a wider screen, slightly inferior to the laptop, which greatly facilitates the performance of some specific tasks that require visual participation: View photos, videos, browsing on the Internet and so on. SpecificSkye structure and function of the tablet generate the same specific problems and breakdowns that occur are not always the fault of a technical fault - the human factor is always relevant.

The most common reasons for contacting a service center are:

  1. Damage to the touch screen planSeth. Most often caused by falls and other mechanical damage, because the majority of the user tries not to part with your beloved gadget for a minute. As a result, it may be necessary to replace the touch screen display or tablet, with heavy damage, replacing the system board;
  2. Probuslems associated with operating the software product. In this case often requires so-called firmware upgrade (upgrade or replacement of the original software);
  3. The problems associated with improper repair. It can be mechanically damaged cables, data bus, and the system board,will most likely need to be replaced;
  4. Problems with battery, requiring its repair or replacement with a new.

Remember, with all its compactness, the tablet is technically very complex instrument, and therefore best left to professionals - this will save your time and dengi.

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