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The car - it's not just a means of transportation, it is also quite complicated mechanismEspecially if it's a foreign car, stuffed with all kinds of electronics, designed to provide maximum comfort and savings. Such, no doubt, is the flagship of the Japanese Nissan Almera. Given the complexity of its mechanisms, the car must be periodically diagnosis in order to prevent unwanted failures and smooth operation of allx systems. One of the major systems in the vehicle, without a doubt, is the braking system. One of its key elements, which are consumables that need to be replaced periodically, the materials have the brake pads. The modern rhythm of movement in the city, provides periodic cycle repeats acceleration-deceleration. In the so-their conditions of work pads for wear. Despite the complexity of the design, can be done in-house. Approximate sequence of actions on the replacement pads the following:

  1. Remove the wheel. To do this, loosen the bolts, lift the vehicle onjack and remove the wheel;
  2. Remove the cover of the pad. To do this, in advance, unscrew the bottom bolt;
  3. take out the actual brake pads;
  4. Remove the bracket and we clean pad;
  5. recline piston coreobku and we clean it.

Build the entire structure in reverse order to install new brake pads. After replacing both pads (on one axis) checks the operation of the braking system (by pressing the brake pedal approximately ten times and topping up the brake fluid). New pads are necessary for grindingFor the first time riding this should be fairly accurate.

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