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Keeping Herbicides modern agriculture is so intense, that he could not do without the various chemicalcal substances, preserving products and increasing productivity growth. Intensive production growth and expansion of the number of cultivated fields steadily leads to the fact that a growing number of weeds that accompany cultivation and reduce productivity. Anti-Spam (harmful) vegetation used group of chemicals, kotorye called herbicides. A large number of these substances are divided into two large groups, different kind of exposure:

  • herbicides global action;
  • selective herbicides.

The first group of herbicides usedI need to destroy at all, without exception, plants, regardless of their functional purpose on the already treated field. Scope of application of this group of drugs - weed control on the roadside areas or industrial facilities. Global herbicides, in turn, are divided into three types:

  1. contact affecting the plant in contact with them;
  2. system affecting the vascular system of the plant;
  3. soil affecting the seeds or roots of weeds.

The second group of herbicides affects thespecific types of plants, while being totally receptive to everyone else. They are used for protecting cultivated plants from the harmful. It should be noted, however, that any of the selective herbicides can be set only in such dosage rate. The choice of a particular group of herbicides and the nature of their action depends on thespecific conditions of use. By the way, you can buy all sorts of online "Agronovator".

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