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High-quality, clear and consistent management of all activities and especially business is possible only if its correct bodyization. The concept of workflow includes a set of information factors that allow to plan their activities, taking into account the temporary employment (both own and partner), established contacts objective of current and projected circumstances. Any person engaged in clerical work, business,staying in executive positions with varying degrees of responsibility (duties, staff personnel) must have on hand the whole set of information, which it operates at any given moment of the day. The entire complex is necessary for the operation of information combines a fairly simple concept organizer. When they say the word"Organizer", in the most simple original form we imagine or book that contains the minimum necessary funds for the organization of their own and collective working time: notebook (for periodic records required information), address book (to organize contact information about the working and business environment with aOtori made personal business contact), calendar (for temporary - daily, weekly, quarterly, annual - planning). This is a basic set of functional elements of the organizer, which, however, it is absolutely easy to extend due to the specific features of the activities of its owner. It can holds, for example: compartments for paper of various sizes, compartments for business and credit cards, bays for CD drives, calculator, pen and retinaculum other.

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