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Pole dance or dance pole (pole) is a type of dance IPArts. A distinctive feature of this dance is the place or area for performances: in the usual (usually associated with the concept of dance) species - is the dance floor (the site of various sizes), in the case of the Pole dance all the action takes place on a pole (pole). Such a feature requires the dancers (in most cases on the pylon inystupayut it was a girl) good training and a combination of technical elements inherent as classical dance, and gymnastics and acrobatics. Historically, the concept and dance Pole dance is most commonly associated with the concept of a striptease, so historically, and the entertainment industry. Although the modern worldsuch an association is not quite correct: a striptease pole is used only as an accessory in the process of undressing and the whole essence of erotic dance is reduced to undressing, while, as in the Pole dance pole acts as a kind of arena for basic operations and at the heart corner put it is the technical component of trainingntsovschitsy. Modern Pole dance develops more as a sport (federations, competitions and other attributes), which includes three different programs of performances, each of which requires different equipment - the suit and shoes:

  • pole art - artistic program, which focuses on the costumeathletes;
  • exotic pole dance - exotic dance with elements of eroticism and plastics;
  • pole fitness - sports dance, which is the main physical training and stunt elements.

The whole is divided into several groups, the hallmark (elementom) is the presence of a high heel and platform (in some cases up to 10-20 centimeters). Material may be cloth, leather, vinyl and plastic elements. Edges must be necessarily rounded in order to avoid possible injury. Such footwear is widely used in kinds of Pole dance, which gives priority to stsenichecal and plastic elements, while as for the sport dance is more preferable lightweight shoes such as ballet shoes, with open or closed-toe or even its absence.

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