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In the past century, the camera is almost scarce and status accessories, and a photo shoot conducted strictlyin the studios of experienced professionals, the scientific and technological progress of the last twenty-turned everything upside down. Now, even more or less solid or semi-amateur SLR camera has become much more accessible, not to mention the so-called bar of soap, which have virtually everyone. The result of all this stormy phothat activity is ready to photograph. It is obtained as a result of the transfer from film or digital sources of information on a special base paper - photo paper, which, by the way, you can buy. Depending on the photo process or method of filming, all the photo paper is divided into two large groups:

Developing Photo Paper

It is used in the preparation of ready-made photo cards when shooting on film and is a paper substrate coated with a layer of photosensitive material. In the exposure process (translucence film negative through the lens) exposed to the light rays in the photosensitive layer (consisting typically of fromlei silver) image is formed. In the subsequent development unit (indoor photosensitive layer in a bath with a reagent) of a silver salt to react with a reagent to form the final image;

Print Photo Paper

It is used for inkjet printing photos from digital sources. Has a paper underspoon, which is applied in the order of three layers - a protective fixing and receiving. In the more expensive types of premium photo paper, the number of coats can reach five or more.

In addition, the classification of paper can go to the following criteria:

  • format (10x15, 9x13, 20x30, and so on.d.);
  • outer layer (gloss or mat);
  • density.

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