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Moscow is the capital of the vast geopolitical, economic,cultural and scientific point of view of the state. Planted during the Soviet era base actively developed, and this has led to the fact that today Moscow is, in fact, the largest scientific center of Russia and the former Soviet Union. Here are the largest educational and scientific institutions, are preparing the country's best speists for key sectors of the economy and politics. In addition to the major advanced universities in Moscow and the region is a network of educational institutions occupy an intermediate position between the middle and high school, all known analogues of vocational schools (PTU). In the English style, such institutions are called colleges. They are all the samebarking can be obtained as special education that is, in fact, finished the profession (proforientirovannye colleges), or to be trained before entering or pursuing studies at the university, which is a structural subdivision of the college. For example, in the Moscow region at the moment is successfully operating for about two hundred colleges, kotorye provide training for more than twenty lines, each of which includes a number of disciplines and specialties. The most ratings in areas of training:

  • Polytechnic (Polytechnic IPC Mathematics MK MEPI, College of Communication №54);
  • Medicine (Medcolledzhy №2, №4, medical college UDP RF);
  • Economics (College of Business №11, feasibility MTEK, college financial IFC FU RF);
  • transport (rail MKZHDT, Automobile and Road MADK, College of Aviation Motors pitted);
  • Construction (frame, CIDH, MCT);
  • Sports (sports teaching SEC, KFKiS Sparta).

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