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The modern car industry annually expands range and scale of productionand machines. Unfortunately, the condition of the roadway (especially in post-Soviet countries - Russia and Ukraine) can not always keep up with the pace car manufacturers or, more precisely, does not correspond to normal operating conditions. And the presence of a large number of off-road, as well as financial factors, and does limit the ability of ABtolyubiteley. Of course, everyone would like to have a car that is equally well have felt on normal road and off-road. The solution is to buy an SUV or crossover. But this class of machines has several significant shortcomings (not in terms of quality): size, price, and increased fuel consumption. Excellent compromisesSPS can become extravagant purchase Japanese minikrossovera this car, by the way showed that he is also quite agile and economical . "Beetle" perfectly familiar domestic motorists, not (and perhaps especially) all due to its non-standard appearance, shape, equipment. Car predstavlen in different models and designs that can satisfy the most demanding customers. As usual in the community, Nissan Juke has both positive and negative user feedback, so before buying it (the same rule applies to all vehicles, regardless of make or model), it would be nice to appreciate all the forcesstepping into the breach and weaknesses of the "bugs", having a test drive in one of the auto Nissan. After seeing, touch, testing the car in action, you will create your own impression and opinion about the upcoming purchase.

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