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One of the largest and most important manufacturers of smartphonesD is a Taiwanese company HTC. The company is one of the leaders of the mobile industry in the world, with an annual turnover of funds at the level of billions of dollars. To date, the company's range are two product lines: HTC One (of the order of five models of premium), HTC Desire (11 models of middle and low priceSegment). Buying a machine of this level, the user expects to receive a maximum of possibilities, but it wants to count on as long as possible and safe operation. Unfortunately smartphone itself (or rather, his body) can not last long and effectively resist external factors (falls, scratches, abrasions), so the user desiringth save his camera intact as long as possible, you must get cover. By the way you can on the website Modern Case for HTC - is not only a practical smartphone protection from damage, but also a great accessory. Modern covers NTS are several different form factors, the most common of whichs are:

  • plastic pad (transparent or colored), protects the back and sides of the unit from damage (scratches);
  • silicone pad, is a case similar to the previous one, but more flexible, with shockproof and antislip surfaces;
  • case (lateral or vertical) - Case in the form of a book or a notebook to one surface of which is fixed phone (in the plastic pocket) and the other closes and locks the device;
  • Bumper - silicone rim on the side surfaces;
  • Dot View - an analogue of the case, the upper cover is a dot matrix display that lets you use the phone without opening the case.

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