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Megogo - this is one of the largest and fastest growing onlineCinema on the Web. Megogo always tries to respond quickly to the state of the world film market to its users always have the opportunity to witness, both domestic and world cinema in the best quality. Each year brings us new film works of various genres, bearing different meaning. Not the exceptionand became the year 2014, which will be remembered next premier, first-class and high-profile films. In this article we will try to make a brief overview of film credits, to be brought to your attention:

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier - another comic book adaptation of Captain Rogers, who thistime to fight on the side of the shield with the new threat;
  • Excellence - a film about a certain doctor Huila, engaged in the development of artificial intelligence. Experiment gives scientist unreal power, but he uses it?
  • Beauty and the Beast - French film adaptation of the world-famous fairy tale by Charles Perrault by L?a Seydoux and Vincent Cassel;
  • Yves Saint Laurent - a film biography of the world-famous French couturier, to look into the coffers of his inner world;
  • The most dangerous personovek - the story of the world's intelligence agencies spy games, where a very short line between predator and prey;
  • Maleficent - film adaptation of the tale of the sleeping process, where the role of the main villain appears Angelina Jolie;
  • Princess of Monaco - biographicalcal film about the legendary Grace Kelly, which is embodied on the screen Nicole Kidman;
  • Bears - a documentary about the whole Alastair Fovergilla multifaceted life bears in Alaska.

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