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Initially, - an information document will be circulated in the media, in order to appear on hisbased publications. So it was at a time when there was no Internet, and all the necessary and valuable information was published in print. With the development of information technologies need to communicate with the press virtually disappeared - now information text published directly in the network and is aimed at your target audience. PresSS-release in its present form, is not just a message to the editor of a popular newspaper with a request to publish a kind of advertising an event, but rather the context of text direction. It should not contain too much information. On the contrary, the text should be clearly focused and contain very specific information and answers toguides questions. Well-designed press release as contextual advertising - directed strictly to the person who has to and is interested in obtaining this information. That's why when writing a press release all the details are important, from the beginning to the end.

Here are some actionable recommendationsThat will help to create your online advertising effectiveness:

  • start with a catchy title, it should create interest in the article and keep the reader's attention;
  • in the text should not be too much information - it discourages and tires;
  • information should be made in such a way that it was interesting and understandable to the common man;
  • use when writing SEO analytics and contextual advertising methods.

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