10 phrasal verbs for business English


How to make your English language more competent and bright? OhTwet: use English phrasal verbs! Read on some phrasal verbs used in the business world. Phrasal verb in English is a compound verb with an adverb, preposition or particle. The result is a phrase that has a completely different meaning than a verb in a separate form.
Below 10 disintegrationsrostranennyh phrasal verbs used in business English. Some of phrasal verbs can be divided, placing the subject ( someone, something ) in a sentence, while others are inseparable verbs.

1. To ask around

This phrasal verb in English is set to « poll,ask people around ».  

example : I need a good sales manager. Can you ask around the office and find out if anyone knows one?

2. To call something off

In other words, cancel something. Also there are synonyms Cancel, call away .

For example : The director is going to call the meeting off because so many people are out today.

3. To look up to

This phrasal verb means « to respect someone & raquo ;. Synonyms of this phraseverb – respect, esteem, honor .

example : We really look up to Jim. He has been with the company for a long time and is a real professional in this business.

4. To put something off

Very often we have something to delay,delay due to a number of different reasons. Phrasal verb put smth. off it has a value.

Let's look at an example : I have not finished the articles about taxes yet. I've been putting them off for a long time .

5. To think something over

Sometimeswe need a good « think something & raquo ;, before making a decision, that is, to think, to weigh, to discuss.

Example : Honestly, the job offer is nice, but I'm not sure if I want to leave my current position. I need to think it over.

6. To set something up

This phrasal verb can be translated into Russian as « to negotiate, organize, organize ».

example : We'll set up the meeting and send you an invite.

7. To send something back

The value of the expression send something back – return something. Is commonly used in trade.

Example : The product is defective, so I have to send it back.

8. To look into

If you want to find out something, or scout, explore, this phrasalverb fits perfectly. Feel free to use it.

For example : They need to look into some ways they can cut costs.

9. To hand something in

This phrase can be translated as « present, propose, handing something to the ».

example : She forgot to hand in her expense reports. Now we will not get reimbursed until next Wednesday.

10. To get over something

The last phrasal verb in English of today's top ten counts « recover, survive somethingthen & raquo ;. Each of us there are situations in life, after which we need to recover, is not it?

Example : Jack was upset that he did not get the promotion, but he got over it after a while.

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