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It is hard to imagine any home (be it a house or apartment) without such aksessuara furniture like cupboard. Its mission is very simple - keeping things the owners, which over time becomes more and more. Surely we all remember the old Soviet cabinets that were or may still stand in the house. This sturdy, strong, but not very practical in terms of design, dimensions and weight of furniture design. Fortunately, owlsBelt level of technology allows them to make more compact to fit into the interior, use a variety of materials and accessories. To date, the most popular variant of the cabinet is a sliding wardrobe. It is larger in volume at the same or even a lesser depth, without inconvenience to move (becausethe door can not be opened, and apart, without taking up too much space). The most famous manufacturer of walk-in wardrobes in the world and Europe is a Polish brand commander. Initially, the company specialized in the creation of various types of sliding systems, which are now successfully used in furniture of own production. The quality of contuktsii Commander can serve 20 years of experience, customer recognition and extensive sales network all over the world. Buying you first buy the European quality, from materials frame, doors, accessories and finishing the attitude of your client. Selecting even factory models is quite broad to satisfy bolshinstvo requests, and for those customers who are important personality KOMANDOR specialists will help to create a wardrobe under the order, according to the required size and design. COMMANDER - quality, durability and speed of manufacture.

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