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- finishing building material in the form Hardenlice material mixture. The word "plaster" Italian origin and literally means "gypsum, lime." Is used as a material for decorative surfaces (walls, ceilings), while carrying out a number of functions:

  • Plumbing (ability to obtain a flat surface, which is idealtion basis for subsequent painting, tiling or wallpaper);
  • protective (plaster protects the surface from excess moisture promotes thermal insulation);
  • decorative (possibility to create different decorative effects).

Classification plasters to performyaemoy function:

  • normal (used for leveling and surface protection);
  • Special (used for acoustic, thermal insulation, creating a shield layer on the surface);
  • decorative (used at the final stage of the surface finishspine to create expressive aesthetic effect).

For plastering usually use ready-made plaster and dry mixes, among which there are the most common:

  • lime (slaked lime, sand in the ratio of 1: 4 with the addition of cement). The most eco-friendly and easy-to ApplySRI mixture, but also the least durable;
  • Cement-sand (cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 4 with the addition of lime). More difficult in application, but stronger and more efficient in creating a perfectly smooth layer;
  • plaster (plaster with the addition of chemical additives, including asbestos). Are highly stoimosTew, low strength and moisture resistance, the content of harmful additives;
  • magnesia - non-flammable, durable, non-dusting mixture for internal works.
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