How to Learn Computer Science


Computing is one of the subjects of the school educational progra-program, and today, when IT is conquered almost all areas of our lives, argue: do this thing or not we do not have. Today computer is in almost every home and office, so to be able to deal with it is to everyone. Logical question arises: how to learn computer science? Here you have 2 options:

  • ;
  • self-study.

with a tutor all clear, so let's focus on the second option.

Instructions for self-study computer science

  1. Put yourself practical problems .Only when you can do something useful on the basis of what you have learned it, you may find it unlearned. It is, therefore, after you thoroughly examine a topic, think for yourself 1-2 « laboratory work » and use them in a new appointment. And so the decision was not a simple duplication of previously studied mothersala - try to formulate the task as much as possible outside the box;
  2. Go from big to small . In the study of computer science, be methodical and start with the basic aspects of the study. For example, work with Microsoft Word starts with the creation of headers and text editing, and the study of any of the Iprogramming languages ??start with a drawing block diagrams and concepts « algorithm & raquo ;;
  3. Use the literature . Correctly picked up a book on computer performs for you 2nd above-mentioned tasks, because the information in it is presented in ascending complexity, consistently and systematically. Chooseliterature, the most suitable for your level of knowledge. In addition, there are plenty of internet sites dedicated to the various sections of computer science, to them you can surely find a lot of lessons and advice, and their volume is greater than the amount of any book.
  4. set ourselves the goal of the final . Before you startto study any subject, you need to clearly set a final goal: it may be the development of Microsoft Office, a thorough knowledge of some of the operating system or the ability to write a certain type of programs in C ++.

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