The Great Chinese Wall


The Great Chinese Wall

In it the ancient Chinese saw the founder and guardian of the nation - a huge dragon. For us, it is rather the only one structure erected by man, which you  easy can see in the porthole from the space. The Great Chinese Wall is surrounded by an infinite number of stories and legends, and it is a real story is no less amazing and exciting.

The Great Chinese WallThrough the endless plains and hills Wall stretches over five thousand kilometers. Perhaps this is the greatest building, created by man. Its birth connects us with ancient times, the blood and sweat of the workers and greatness of the Emperors.

All has begun with a desire of farmers   to protect themselves from the thieves and wild animals. To protect themselves from their attacks, people build small wall of boulders. Gradually the whole villages began to surround themselves of such facilities to prevent plundering raids. The same problem arose before the first emperor of China. Qin Shi Huang needed the protection against a formidable enemy from the north. The Huns were bloodthirsty warriors with unmatched archery squads. No one could compare with their archers, who at full gallop sent arrows straight to the heart of the enemy. Wandering from place to place, eating only meat, the Huns were like the wild animals, they do not spare anyone in their path. To protect China from them, the wall was built along the northern border by the order of Shi Huang. That was an official birth of the Great Chinese Wall. But it arises only 1,000 years later, when all strengthening, which had built before, were joined together. Shi Huangdi Wall also became part of the Great Wall, its remains (Terrace of clouds) can be seen not far from the Beijing near the Ju Yong Guan gates. Reflecting nomadic raids, under the protection of massive rocks and man-made stone, the Chinese built their empire.

The Great Chinese WallNot all of the emperors relied on the impregnable of the Wall.  Some have tried to strengthen the peace by give in marriage their daughters to the leaders of nomadic tribes. This often helps, especially if the princess was attractive and if along with her were presented horses as a gift to the leader. But not all the enemies bowed before the beauty of Chinese women and endurance of horses. That's when the Wall saved China by its length, to overcome which was needed long siege, for which nomadic herdsmen never had the strength or resources. So it was until the coming of the great and terrible Genghis Khan. Mongolians believe that he was sent by Heaven. To understand what the historical figure he was, it is enough to read his motto: "The greatest pleasure for men - to defeat his enemies, to bring misfortune to their families, to ride their horses, and to love their wives and daughters." Precisely because of the threat from the Mongols, the wall began to grow and eventually become one of the new wonders of the world.

The Great Chinese WallThe construction lasted over 200 years. Wall was erected by peasants, prisoners and soldiers, whose work can be compared to slavery. The poetic lines brought us their suffering:

Why should give birth to men and grow daughters,
Once their bones will lie on the northern border,
The basis of the stone wall.
There is no one soul on the northern border,
Air is full only with howling of the spirits.

The Great Chinese WallMagical number seven, lies in the foundation of the Great Chinese Wall. Initially two seven meters high brick walls, standing at the same distance from each other were built. Between them, the earth was scattered and rammed. Wall also has become a tomb for many of the workers who were buried here in this pier. Gradually it has reached such a width that the ten foot soldiers or five riders could safely stay on it in a row. For protection against enemies the wall was equipped with defensive moves with sharpened battlements.

But not only the wall played a major role in the defense of China. You should not overlook the towers which were planned absolutely in special way. Attacking soldiers had not only to climb the mountain, but also to overcome the nine reinforced walls on their way. Defenders, could safely retreat and hide in the the fortress-tower, which was built on a Spartan, but contains from thirty to fifty people. Hence soldiers could send smoke signal for help, because if the defense of at least one tower will collapses, then noything will keep the enemy.

The Great Chinese WallAs time passed, a new weapons were invented, even cannons already appeared. But in the XIII century, the Genghis Khan had something more powerful, exactly - the fear and suddenness. But in the first battle he retreated before the Great Chinese Wall. A little later, he nevertheless broke into China and conquered its southern region. During the reign of the Ming Dynasty all descendants of the Genghis Khan were expelled from the country during the three-hundred military clashes. During this period a grand structure has acquired familiar to us look.

The Great Chinese WallCurrently   really other battalions, which consisting of tourists from all over the world threaten the Great Chinese Wall. At home, they will share stories about the man-made monument, which could not overcome the time itself.

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