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A serious increase in production, trade, and ingeneral legal relations on which everything is built, requires a regulatory legal framework. Easy (or can not easily) to imagine the volume of the documents included in it, establishing rules and regulations mandatory for execution. Such a mass of information you need requires structuring and establishing a help search engine, providingher quick search and access to necessary legal act. In Russia the most popular among these search engines is the program and database, developed by the same company. According to statistics, the system currently provides access to more than sixty millions of legal documents. Similarthe volume of information requires precise organization and sorting on key sections: Russian existing and planned legislation, finance, personnel records, international law, public health acting forms of documents, technical specifications. In addition, the system includes a huge number of specialized reference and analytical informationrmatsii, digital versions of periodicals, specialized literature. Also in the full commercial version of the program presented an interesting tool - Constructor contracts - allowing you to quickly draft the contracts most common structure, with the possibility of checking and rekomendativnymi tezami. Program ConsultantPlus is designed for different platforms (Windows, Android, iPhone) and can be used in full and in the demo. Consultant Plus will become an indispensable tool for lawyers, accountants, HR managers, executives, government officials, scientists, students.

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