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The world has changed dramatically since the second half of the last century, and especiallyof for the last twenty years. The development of science and technology has opened up the world community hitherto seemingly indestructible border, gave the opportunity to qualitatively new communication and collaboration. Each of us have neighbors (good and bad), just as each state has its own neighbors, partners in the near and far abroad. Sinceat the level and scope of cooperation at the international level intensified, as demand will melt the services of professional translators. No matter for what purpose, and what exactly you need translation, it is important that your partner or companion, understand you correctly. This is very important, especially in legal terms. Therefore, if you are in the search enginee search for "" then please contact a translation agency Ekotest- Lingvo. It operates as part of a team of professionals of the highest category, thoroughly familiar with the language, thematic and mental characteristics of a consistent pattern in the medium of communication. Linguistic experts Ekotest- ready to provide you with quality services in translationin:

  • text translation of technical economic, legal subjects, taking into account the linguistic, mental characteristics of the region;
  • interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous) private and public events, including business meetings, exhibitions, tours and prochegabout;
  • legal documents (notarial acts, contracts) and diplomatic nature (a visa).

The quality, efficiency, flexible approach to the client - that is the pride of the Bureau Ekotest- Lingvo.

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