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The doors are one of the most important arhitekturnyh elements of any building or premises. Any door performs shut-off function in the boat-building, that is, allows to enter or leave the premises. In addition, the door still performs and decorative function, as part of the design space, as well as protective (subconsciously, this is probably the main function, particularly with respect to the inputdoors). Any of these functions will be carried out efficiently and reliably, if the following two conditions:

  • quality door designs, including materials;
  • the quality of installation.

The last point seems particularly important poskolku even very high quality made door can come to nothing due to improper installation. Technically, there are several ways to mount doors, which are slightly different depending on the structural elements of the door (wood, steel) or location (front, interior). This process is quite time consuming, especially from the viewpoint ofI accuracy. because the slightest slip and your door will mow or do not want to close. Regardless of the method of installation, there are several steps that should be performed to install the door. About us tell them carpenter for which - this everyday thing for here atsame 14 years .

The basic steps for installing doors:

  • work necessary measurements of the doorway. This should be done with the flooring, state of the opening (the presence of slopes) and the nature of the installation (in the doorway to the outside wall orNuisance);
  • Box loops in the door frame (depends on which way your door will open);
  • installation of the door frame into the opening. One should take into account a guaranteed clearance contour of which is fixed by wedges. Naturally, you need to align the box verteak and horizontally. Locking box made anchors in 2-3 places on each side and foam, which fills the gap between the frame and the wall. To preserve the size of the box when expanding foam, use multiple struts;
  • Installation obnalichnikov door;
  • Navewith doors and adjustable.

Keeping exactly these simple rules, you can set your own door, greatly increasing their self-esteem.

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