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Every day we hold in our hands some money by selling Thuabout something, or conversely buying. What we thus know about the money, except that they have a certain rate against the US dollar or other currency? First of all, we should consider the fact that the money - it is also good, but the goods somehow peculiar, having its price (not for nothing that there are exchange rates, according to which can be carried out in the interchangealyutnyh funds). This is the most profitable (liquid) goods which, moreover, is a universal equivalent in determining the value of all other goods and services. As a universal measure of social relationships, and they are required to perform their specific functions:

  • Measuringfeature. That is, to assess the value of various goods in their interchange, it is necessary to use a conversion factor, the role of which is money, or rather their specific amount;
  • means the movement of goods. are used for barter as "intermediary", that is, for example,s buying consumables from which the finished product, which then sell, returning money;
  • means of payment. This function takes place in the credit and debt relations;
  • storage means. This function is performed part deneg who do not take part in the back and "procrastinate";
  • Function world currency. Some currency unit used as a regional or global standards of cross-currency exchange.

Modern money are divided into two main types:

  1. real (virtual) money, ie, money, a unit nominal value of which corresponds to the real value of their material (gold, silver, precious stones, etc.);
  2. Fiat money, that is real substitutes (banknotes).

In addition, from a historical point of view, thereis another classification of money:

  • money trade (goods, at different times, extending dimensional equivalent of turnover);
  • secured money (money that are bystroobmennym analogue or representative commodity);
  • money fiatnye (banknThe notes);
  • electronic money (cash stored on electronic media user - PayPal, EasyPay, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Litecoin).

Any money have their own value, which is reflected in their purchasing power. The latter, in turn, is governednot so much the real value of money, how much confidence on the part of the owner.

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