What is the yield curve

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A bond is a debt security type. Ie realbondholder may demand from the issuer (subject to issue securities as a guarantee of their intentions) in any specified time or its equivalent in money or other suitable form. It is an additional source of income and subject to quotation on the stock exchanges. Since the bond is a kind of analogue of the loan, then profitablest it takes the form of an interest rate. Bond, as mentioned above, is the object of the stock market, and according to this - and the subject of trading, which in one way or another in contact with certain risks. To evaluate the risks and potential growth or decline of income from accommodation, buying or selling bonds players enjoy the so-called (KPRIOR TO). Its use allows the medium to long-term prognosis (depending on the term of the individual bonds) on the use of securities. BWW curvilinear graph represents the yield of similar bonds (similar to the issuer or credit quality) for the period of time that bonds are traded in the market. Staplem is the slope of the curve, it allows you to assess the quality of the bonds in relation to the normal form - ideally BWW slope increases with time, which suggests higher yields of longer bonds. The shape of the curve corresponds to the level of economic development: normal form corresponds to the growth of the economy and interest ratesm, and the reverse, on the contrary, fall.

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