Bouquet of roses

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Lily - this is probably one of the oldest, fragrant and favorite hourselovechestvom flowers in the world. First home lily as there is a perception (confirmed by scientific data), began to breed more than three thousand years ago in ancient Greece. In addition, the lily is also one of the most popular and respected heraldic symbols: the so-called fleur-de-lis Fleur-de-lis or consistently presenton the arms of European nobles of all shades (from the ordinary to the royal families of France and Spain), cities and schools. Lily enjoys such popularity, partly because it was the French nobility: There is a belief that the ancient Frankish King Clovis to Christianity when handling received from the angel of the Lord in a gold gift DoLeah - a symbol of spiritual purification. In addition to the popularity of heraldic lily has also a unique flavor. What can I say about her graceful form: massive leaves arranged in a spiral or a circle on a few flowers on stalks. It is no wonder that this flower is very popular among florists and becomes bright element lyubogo bouquet. Species diversity in form and color allows you to compose different, which in turn can be ordered online at the company "Studio floristry." For example, a bouquet of lilies of some, especially white, is quite popular with honeymooners, as a symbol of purity and innocence of the bride. Furthermore, the possibility ofcombination of lilies of different colors and lilies with other flowers - roses, lilies, freesia, phlox and greens. These flowers are ideal for anniversaries and for interior decoration, giving it color, flavor and originality.

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