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Taxi is a type of urban and intercity transport, making the main slope nand individual passengers or cargo. A distinctive feature of any taxi is "checkered" - a special identification mark that is placed on the roof of the vehicle. The name of the checkered won, apparently because of the similarity with the chessboard - it has the shape of a rectangular yellow (optional) box with applied black squares instaggered. Like any other form of transport has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among the positive aspects - personality, efficiency, around the clock, a variety of routes (depending on the passenger). Among the disadvantages - high cost (which also varies depending on the distance and time of day) nereglamentiruemy schedule, the presence of illegal carriers. But the process of development of any activities (including the creation and development of their own taxis) is committed to ensuring that maximize dignity in the elimination of deficiencies. Good taxi cab company boasts excellent development trend and maximum liberalization in relation to theircustomers. Turning in a solid company, you always can count on:

  • individual approach and the wish of each passenger;
  • adequate price proposals, which are fixed and do not change at the request of the driver. For this purpose each vehicleequipped with a taxi and the system GPS;
  • discount system, based on the client's personal account;
  • variety of taxis - from cars to trucks and luxury options.

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