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Scalping, despite its intimidating name, does not implyie no known actions taken by Native American peoples in the heat of battle. Although some similarities end result (in disparate forms of course) there. Scalping (modern) - is one form of speculative strategies when trading in the stock or currency markets, the stock exchange. The goal is to "eat more disruption" in the form of the skylshoy possible profit. - processes is not difficult, the main thing to find horoshegouchitelya with real experience. In the classic version of scalping, transaction or trading immediately terminated upon receipt of a profit (usually small). For the effective conduct of operations in such a way, it is necessary that the object of trading IMEl quite high liquidity, low commission rates, and the ability to continuously monitor the quotations on the stock exchange. In view of this, the most common area of ??application scalping strategy is the futures market (forwards, futures). As a consequence of its particular scalping generates a significant amount of transactions bearing (eachseparately) small gain or loss.

In exchange practice, identify the following most common scalping strategy:

  • Classic or glass . Has spread in the market of promotional futures and reduced to the analysis of the difference between demand and supply;
  • Impulse . Is the constant analysis of the market stock futures;
  • hybrid . Combines the features of both classical and pulse scalping.

Scalping - it is the most popular form of trade in Private press people do not have much capital.

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