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Any activity (or almost every) person or group of persons, the directionRetained on the creation of specific goods or services implies interaction with, shall we say, the buyer, the purpose of which is the realization of their needs in the product or service. This occurs by executing the sales transaction, whereby the manufacturer receives some income. Meanwhile, the implementation of such transactionspossible with the awareness of consumer audience, which is done by means of marketing. In today's environment, these functions are performed was more effective with the help of the Internet, thanks to various search tools. Disseminate information on the Internet is much easier and faster than in conventional media, but even in such circumstances,Barrier-requires a specific approach to what and how to feed in the data stream. The value of such instruments is that it is possible to effectively monitor consumer interest and opinion, responding quickly to him. In the lexicon of the network has a name similar tools reputational marketing. In the general sense, reputational marketing- A set of tools and techniques that are designed to create a positive image of the manufacturer in the network (the target audience), as well as to deal effectively with a variety of negative information about the brand, so-called "black PR". By the way, spend reputational marketing agency will help you: upside-com.ru. Reputational marketing has somesimilarity with the search engine optimization (SEO), as well as take into account the search tool network. In general, the range of work by reputational marketing consists of three basic stages:

  • monitoring or tracking of reviews about the company in the network;
  • actually, the response toreviews, including neutralization or counter argumentation;
  • promotion in search engines (actually, SEO).

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