Vocabulary: how it should be?

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Every day we take a huge amount of information, either orally or intext format. All of this information, the information flow is made up of thousands of words, most of the same type, commonly used, but there are a few terms and definitions. All of these words constitute the vocabulary of a man who uses it every day at home and at work. Research has shown that vocabulary has two forms: aktive (words that are known and used in practice) and passive (the words that we are able to learn, but do not remember and do not use in everyday speech). For example, for English language characterized by the following numeric parameters: average English carrier may operate an average of 20 ... 30 thousand words, withthat in the passive form of the language has more than 230,000 words. How to be a man who is just beginning to learn English? How many words do you need to learn to be able to speak freely? Looking at the numbers in the 230,000 words that even indigenous to the British can not afford, some are just scared and doubt the reality of studyinglanguage. Meanwhile, focuses on the right choice of words, it is possible to reduce this list several times. Detatno more about what you need to know the words to speak freely RFCs. And below we give a brief statistics:

  • people with a basic level of English vocabulary has sealedKGS 500 words needed for oral communication with the person;
  • knowledge up to 1000 words provide sufficient vocabulary to communicate and easy reading;
  • with knowledge of up to 2000 words, you can easily communicate and read pretty confident;
  • Knowledgee 3000 words or more allows without too much trouble to read periodicals and books;
  • and finally, knowledge of 8,000 words or more will provide you with the level of full communication and reading.

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